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About us

JRF Global

At JRF Global, we are committed to forging new business relationships that fuel growth and success for your company. Our expertise in relationship development positions us as the bridge to your future clients. 

We understand that your business’s growth depends not only on maintaining strong existing relationships but also on establishing robust new connections with prospects. That’s why our focus is on cultivating meaningful new connections based on trust, integrity, and mutual respect—ensuring these relationships are poised to deliver new business opportunities when the time is right.

Our small, hand-picked team are outcome-driven, self-motivated, conscientious, methodical, and business-minded. With experience across various B2B industry sectors, we benefit from cross-fertilisation of knowledge and experience. 

We are committed to a consistent and dependable service, always aiming to exceed expectations to build lasting stakeholder relationships.

JRF Global

Joanna Freeman - Founder

A highly accomplished business professional, Joanna Freeman has specialised in new business and relationship development since 2000, engaging with a diverse range of B2B sectors and drawing on a rich blend of experiences and insights. 

Joanna is renowned for her exceptional ability to forge and sustain robust business relationships, not only with her direct clients but also extending to their prospects. Her hand-picked team mirrors her dedication—driven, self-motivated, and meticulous, with a keen business acumen that consistently delivers meaningful results.

Joanna Freeman

Our Mission

Our mission at JRF Global is to ignite new business opportunities and lasting relationships.

Beyond Connections

We methodically connect clients with key decision-makers, fostering warm, meaningful interactions.

The Dedicated Difference

Our dedicated approach strategically elevates clients' profiles, driving success rooted in trust, respect, and adaptability.

Your Long-Term Growth Partner

We're an ongoing extension of our clients' businesses, nurturing connections for fruitful, long-term partnerships.

Our Values


In every interaction, we embody a culture of excellence, competence, and respect for clients.


Our reputation is built on our unwavering dedication to fulfill our promises and meet our commitments.



We are committed to a consistent and dependable service, always aiming to exceed expectations to build lasting stakeholder relationships.

We diligently work to earn and maintain trust by being reliable, honest, and ethical in every endeavour.

JRF Global


We uphold the highest standards of integrity, ensuring all our actions and decisions are honest and transparent.

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