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Case Studies

UK & Ireland

Cultivating Niche Market Growth; UK & Ireland


A boutique B2B consulting firm specialising in a niche marketwithin the UK and Ireland.



  • Expanded client base

  • Enhanced business reputation

  • Sustained growth​​​​

Global Reach

Expanding Global Reach & Nurturing Prospect Relationships

A US-based leading technology consulting company targeting
expansion in Singapore, the Middle East, and South Africa.


  • Increased market presence in new and existing markets

  • Sales closures

  • Increase in leads and opportunities

  • Ongoing support

Market Presence

Amplifying Market Presence & Fostering Client Relationships; Market Research Firm

A leading Customer and Market Research Company aiming to
expand its influence and client base across the UK and Europe.


  • Increased awareness

  • Successful lead conversion

  • Continued growth

“JRF Global helped us to promote sales by increasing awareness of our organisation throughout Europe.  Joanna´s Teams was responsible for initiating and nurturing leads, working closely with me in visiting prospective clients and handling non-technical aspects of our bidding process.  In particular, they were tasked with tracking prospective clients, building relationships, encouraging their interest in meetings in which we would scope required work, produce proposals and identify next steps for taking opportunities forward. 


Joanna´s Team works with tenacity and integrity.  They are typically able to turn unqualified prospects into promising leads using a combination of friendly charm, enthusiasm for our business, intrepid approach to cold calling, and excellent organisational skills”.


Customer Agency: Executive Director, Europe 

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